BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

By the way ...

Just in case anybody was wondering ... I got 100 on the test. As far as I was able to ascertain by the moans and groans around the room, nobody else even came close to my score (the next best that I heard of was like 86). Frankly, I have a hard time understanding how anybody could have missed more than one or two questions (out of 40), given that "it's not brain surgery" and that the exam was open-book and with the whole web reference thing available to us (the school has a proprietary on-line reference library thing, and we were able to use the refernce materials for our class as well). I had to "look up" answers for about 1/5 of the questions myself, but I was still the first one done (I got done in one hour out of two and a half hours allotted for the test) ... hope I can keep up the lead.

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