BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hmmmm ... This is the only second time I've been "heckled" in Live Journal, and my first reaction is to just let these thing slide by ... but for some reason I'm replying here. (reposting from the previous commentary thread, actually)

This "Aura" person (who has no information in their "user info" page, no entries in "their" Live Journal, and only 8 posts made in snippy commentary to other people's journal entries ... an otherwise "anonymous" poster having just enough L.J. presence to not be blocked by those who don't allow anonymous postings ... reminds me of a certain person in the ANAverse who is likewise VERY fond of pontificating about spiritual matters from behind a blank mask!) says:

"Your "rage, hate, and self-loathing" shine through... but "spiritual" ?? YOU!?

Well, yes. "Spiritual" ... ME. Do you know ME, know my HISTORY, know where I've been, what and with whom I've studied over the past 30 years? Know the degrees/initiations/ordinations I've had? Probably not. Judging from your other 7 posts in the world of LiveJournal you dont much care for the facts, just for the flame opportunities.

This "Aura" person continues:

"You're a vigilant book salesman, and relentless pill-pusher..."

Yes, I am. Have you ever been an entrepreneur? Put everything on the line to forge your own place in the world? If so, you would be "vigilant" and "relentless" as well. I don't have a "job" that will hand me a paycheck just because it's Friday (in fact, I've not HAD a paycheck since Januray of 1994), what puts food on the table is selling books and nutritional supplements by MY efforts ... and my TYPICAL day involves 14 hours of work, and I have those sorts of day at least 6 days a week.

One more note on the nutritional supplement business ... do you know what will KILL approximately 50% of Americans? Heart disease. And, do you know what the FIRST sign of heart disease is in approximately 1/3 of all cases? A fatal heart attack. The "flagship product" of the company that I'm affiliated with is a patented matrix of soluble and non-soluble fiber (you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the background RESEARCH on this before calling it "pill pushing"!) that will take the "Standard American Diet" average of 12 grams of fiber a day and push it up into the "recommended range" of 25-35 grams per day. Frankly, anybody who is NOT taking a daily regimin of nutritional supplements is doing so out of either IGNORANCE or total disregard for their physical health.

This "Aura" person continues:

"...I see no concerted effort from you to walk in a spiritual mode."

Again, where are you looking? My infrequent venting in here? Perhaps you would prefer that I posted in the "1:43pm Wiped my ass. ... 1:44pm Flushed the toilet and washed my hands." mode? Would that make you feel more edified? I'm not one for keeping journals of meditations/dreams/spirit-journeys (part of my training is Shamanic), but I'm sure a blow-by-blow reporting of YOUR spiritual life would be fascinating. Unfortunately, as you don't bother to put entries in your journal, we'll never know, will we?

Finally, the "Aura" person signs off with the enigmatic:

As within, so without. Measure your current grief by your past gratifications.

Gee... I'd really like to know what those "past gratifications" are that I should be measuring against. Once again, "Aura" seems to have a direct line to stuff about me that I don't even know. Pretty amazing.

- BT
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