BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


New music! My father-in-law had given me a $100 gift certificate for
for Xmas, and I finally got around to using it! I'd been getting that "new music" itch, but have been so out-of-the loop with new bands, that I figured that I'd just pick up stuff that I'd been meaning to get but hadn't been able to justify spending "real money" on.

Here's what I ordered:
          Electric Hellfire Club:
                    Burn Baby Burn
                    Satan's Little Helpers
                    Kiss The Goat
                    Calling Dr.Luv
                    Unholy Roller
                    Sin City
          Various Artists:
                    Darkest Millennium (2 discs)
                    This Is Industrial (3 discs)
Not bad ... got 12 CDs (counting the multiple sets) for just $10.37 (the amount over the $100 gift certificate), since the order was over $99 I got free shipping and since I used the Eschaton referral link, I should get some of that back! Sweet deal. Yay new music!

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