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Well, aren't you lucky ... I was just getting ready to slap up a new poem! Due to semi-popular demand, I have these tucked behind the ever-handy LJ-cut thing, but new morbidity is lurking there! The rest can be found, as always, at

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                    WE DRIFT IN GREY, DISJOINTED

                    no context,
                    no contact,
                    we weave between options,
                    never the best;
                    all things come filtered
                    to optimize loss,
                    vision tinted
                    for maximum dark

                    always outsider,
                    never in synch,
                    we are exiled
                    and unwanted,
                    always disbelieved;
                    every reach is parried,
                    every touch refused,
                    we drift in grey, disjointed

                    fragmented hours,
                    fractured timelines,
                    nothing is whole here,
                    nothing undamaged;
                    we carry the scars
                    of continued decay,
                    a history carved
                    of these broken years

                    these systems fail us
                    and mock our defeat,
                    no matter how we try
                    the mundane frame
                    twists out of line,
                    shifting just enough
                    to ensure our frustration
                    which it so savors

                    come see the corpse
                    herewith exhibited
                    as perpared
                    by his own hand,
                    ignore the strings
                    which point control
                    to other beings
                    on other planes

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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