BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

bleh ...

Well, I basically spent all weekend in bed. The stomach flu thing went from "queasy/dizzy" to "hershey squirts" and I pretty much wasn't able to keep any food in me all weekend. I think I'm finally past that, so should be OK for tomorrow. I just discovered that I did the wrong homework assignment, so I'm going to be up late (again) reading tonight.

We lost another fish this weekend :-( This one was "Goldy" who was our original little goldfish about three years back She'd grown from about 2" to 6" over the years. I don't know what the deal was ... on Friday night The Wife had scooped both fish out of the tank and put them in the wastebasket (with water) that I use when cleaning the tank. The water in the tank looked fine, although the filter was clogged. I suspect that the kids "over-fed" them this week (there was a LOT of uneated food on the bottom), leading to making the water bad (what happens with the food ... too acidic?). Anyway, I changed the water twice in the trash basket but Goldie just didn't make it. Dorothy (the goldfish we got when Fred expired a few months back) looked to be a goner too, having been floating at the top barely breathing most of the time, but she came around. I cleaned the tank this morning and got her back in there. Goldie got the ceremonial fish packaging. (sigh). The Wife, of course, has been all gung-ho for the extermination of the fish since she doesn't like the tank (it's always getting "untidy"), and was not particularly happy with my cleaining it and getting Dorothy back in there. She wanted us to keep Dorothy in this 10" floral bowl ... which would have no doubt garunteed a speedy demise. I keep telling The Girls that it's a good thing that The Wife likes them.

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