BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

so tired ...

(sigh) ... I will be very happy to have this week behind me. The Girls are on spring break from daycare, so I have to get out of the house with them even earlier than usual to get them over to my mom's place, then I have them all afternoon. This means that I do not get my 2 hours or so of studying done in the afternoon, which is 2 more hours of stuff to do at night ... before getting a couple of hours of sleep and starting the process over. I am butt-dragging. Bleh. We have a career/resume workshop on Friday that I have done NOTHING for so far, being barely able to keep up on the reading. Since I finished up the current book tonight, I guess I'll "have the decks cleared" to work on that stuff tomorrow night. The "final" for this class is on Monday, followed by a week of developing a project (and ... whoopie! ... a whole day off next Friday). Got this thing written yesterday ... and we know what a lovely mood I was in yesterday. Maybe you should go look at to find something that's just morose ... but click on this anyway, OK?

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                    an emptiness hollowed,
                    an absence unwhere,
                    subsumed in vagueness
                    and unseen mists,
                    veils with no substance,
                    walls without line;
                    no way to progress here,
                    no chance to break through

                    the darkness we bear
                    is a stain, is a scar,
                    foisted upon us
                    by malevolent worlds,
                    twisted and evil,
                    warped and unpure,
                    a vileness embedding
                    all frames of this state

                    agents of oppression
                    rise everywhere,
                    they lurk behind masks
                    proffering aid,
                    biding their time
                    for the vulnerable strike
                    quickly attacking
                    with eviscerating blades

                    at every hand
                    the enemies rush,
                    from every quarter,
                    every position of trust,
                    always at times
                    of maximum ache
                    when focus is elsewhere
                    and we cannot defend

                    the hatred,
                    the rage,
                    the madness,
                    the bile;
                    how I would destroy
                    all systems like these
                    and their putrescent drones,
                    their pestering flies

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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