BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

bleh ...

Man ... haven't been at the keyboard since Friday afternoon ... got 225 posts on my Friends List to catch up on.

I got sick again ... picked up The Girls on Friday and crawled home ... got the little one down for a nap and I crashed too ... had a 103 fever ... I guess I caught whatever it was my Mom had ... she'd been in to see her doctor on Friday and he put her on some anti-biotics, but it turned out that she had pneumonia. Except for going over to her place twice (late on Friday night and then mid-evening on Saturday) I pretty much stayed asleep. My fever was down to 101 on Saturday night, which is good, since we had to get my mom into the hospital yesterday. I was pretty much a mess as it was, but I'd talked my doc into calling in a perscription for some anti-biotics on Saturday, so I have been "on the mend" since. I did, however, not manage to do ANY studying for today's exam ... thank good for things being open book! I think I did OK, but I probably would have done better if I'd been able to cruise through the materials this weekend (instead of tossing and turning and stuff). Bleh. Have some poems too, but not typed up yet.

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