BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I promised you poems ... #1

Yesh, I thought I'd have had these up earlier too. Anyway, spent a chunk of the day today trying to decipher about a week's worth of my cramped psychotic scribbling (my hand-written poems are much better transcribed fresh while I still have some idea about what all those little marks mean), so here they come ... I'm gong to put one poem per posting so there isn't one HUGE spew of poems lurking behind one of those ever-so-polite LJ-cut tags!

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                    CARVED ACROSS TIME

                    what is not descent
                    is not allowed
                    now, immersed,
                    held vacant,
                    formed of duration,
                    untwining lines,
                    doubt and uncertainty
                    contents so grey

                    pieces move,
                    crossing grids,
                    leaving trails,
                    traces and echoes;
                    which is more real
                    the symbol seen
                    or the track
                    it carves across time?

                    not enough stasis
                    not enough scope
                    to make these judgements
                    when in the game
                    there's no perspective
                    on how the board is laid
                    or where its secrets
                    have been placed

                    we drift unwhole
                    blasted bits
                    strewn across
                    these flotsam fields
                    awaiting tidal flows
                    to wash upon new shores
                    artifacts unlabeled
                    of this broken time

                    forms decay
                    every system
                    retreats to chaos
                    all facades crumble
                    leaving nothing but the mask
                    the empty promise
                    the hollow lie
                    which stands behind the world

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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