BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I promised you poems ... #3

Well, I'm hoping to get March 2002 up on the big poem site this evening (now that it's finished ... it'll just be a matter of getting on the AT&T dial-up and FTPing the files) ... you remember where that is, don't you? It's at the ever-so-easy-to-remember URL of ... you know that by heart, don't you? Well, I got 16 poems done for March, which brings my 2002 total up to 50, which is exactly on target for getting 200 poems done for the year. Oh, bliss; oh joy! Yeah, like anybody else gives a flying fuck about the speed at which this shit spews. Oh, look ... here comes another:

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                    DEGRADATION DRAGGING

                    too many things
                    go broken here,
                    we are fragmented
                    fractured, beaten;
                    nothing maintains,
                    nothing preserves
                    at the focus of abuse
                    the cross-hairs of destruction

                    everything so empty,
                    everything so incomplete,
                    none of these alignments
                    press towards release,
                    none of our dreams
                    guide along the way,
                    we are drifting in the void,
                    set hollow in despair

                    bled out now,
                    made unwhole,
                    what remains
                    within the shell
                    which intimates
                    that life once was?
                    there's nothing left
                    except the boundary

                    all intents
                    are meaningless,
                    all efforts
                    wasted in these days;
                    we are abandoned here,
                    cut off,
                    made exile,
                    tossed away

                    our hopes are pointless,
                    our prayers mocked,
                    here are only
                    cycles of degradation
                    dragging being lower
                    into viler states
                    and zones of torment
                    from which there's no escape

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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