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I promised you poems ... #6

OK, so I haven't gotten the archive site updated (I got side-tracked into catching up with a group that had 60+ posts go up in the past 3 days!) but I did get this ready to go ... lucky you. Again, if you want to check the archive ... it's at

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                    DISTORTIONS FINDING FORM

                    lost places
                    ages past
                    we seek to touch
                    elements within
                    to trace the lines
                    of how these were
                    or how in difference
                    these might have been

                    none can track
                    the form of this
                    none believe
                    the structure echoes wide
                    yet in the dark
                    rumbles set
                    which shift all bases
                    and warp all planes

                    ours is not enough
                    within the having
                    ours is driven
                    by arcane need
                    to classify from void
                    some order seen
                    placed within contexts
                    not of native state

                    were there then
                    such prepositions
                    were there then
                    such grander plans?
                    much forgotten
                    and blurred by years
                    left as mythos
                    not yet inscribed

                    the spiral grips,
                    steel claws impinge,
                    as gravities insist
                    in downward circles;
                    we have no recourse,
                    no defense,
                    we stare in horror
                    at this decline

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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