BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Real chatty, I know ...

More of same ... it looks like I have "walking pneumonia" ... going in to see the doctor tomorrow. Been so beat. Yesterday I feel asleep around 7pm and basically slept through till 7am. This (and the three solid weeks of hacking up lung cookies) seems to be one of those tell-tale signs on pneumonia. I will be very happy to not be feeling like shit. Anyway ... more poems. I know you wanted them ...

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                    BLOODIED, DISEMBOWELED

                    fiasco strains
                    unable to merge
                    unable to change
                    cycling now
                    back into view;
                    nothing is achieved,
                    nothing completed,
                    over and over again

                    how do these dates
                    return like this?
                    we are always
                    so unprepared
                    and react with shock
                    that there is need
                    and fresh demand
                    pressed in our face

                    these actions planned
                    for months, for years,
                    yet don't attain
                    that mundane form
                    which is all that counts
                    in machine worlds
                    so grey and empty,
                    so cold and vile

                    we are so broken
                    and out of synch;
                    this race defines us alien,
                    and we are so apart
                    but without isolation
                    to avoid these edges
                    without defense
                    against their attacks

                    what was once a battle
                    is now butchery,
                    with uncaring hordes
                    descending on us,
                    insane sleeping mobs
                    armed with cruel blades
                    to rend and to sever,
                    gouge and excise

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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