BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(Heavy Sigh)...

It's a good thing that I'm "getting" Visual Basic as well as I am in class ... since my attention spans are pretty dulled these days and I'm not awake enough to really study. But, I'm always done with projects before anybody else and seem to have a pretty decent grasp on how to "solve problems" in it. This is good. I just hope that the doc will give me an antibiotic that will knock me out of this spiral of illnesses that I've been through the past month or so. Needless to say, I suspect that HALF the problem is that I'm currently getting up when I've been accustomed to go to bed, and my body just can't handle it.

Anyway ... more poems ... whoopie. I got last month up on the archive ... ... so there's more there if you want it.

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                    NO DREAMS TO FREE

                    the darkness
                    closes in
                    the pressures
                    of evil outside worlds
                    crush in on me
                    nothing parries
                    their lethal blows
                    nothing blocks their hate

                    here is the grinding zone
                    the place where demand
                    grows teeth and claws
                    and hidden hungers
                    not for flesh
                    but for our soul
                    here is where the world
                    consumes the seeing

                    each day is a nightmare
                    mad and twisted
                    with deep convolutions
                    which leave no escape
                    we ache for dreaming
                    to over-ride this
                    but our dreams lack power
                    to cut through this web

                    we act as hopeful
                    yet sense our doom
                    has no room for hope
                    no place for prayer
                    we see the tracing lines
                    and know they all lead down
                    into fresh pits
                    unexperienced hells

                    anguish enfolds
                    the broken spirit
                    dread encloses
                    around the mind
                    there is no joy
                    there is no future
                    freed of this torment
                    this destroying abyss

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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