BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

CafePress Stores done!

Whew! I had not anticipated that this "little project" was going to take so much time ... but at least it is over now. I put together 21 CafePress stores for the various items in the Eschaton catalog, plus did promo graphics that link out from the main pages for each book to the appropriate store, and put together a links page with all the stores on it that is linked to from each of the stores via a nice little banner thing I made, which I would have put here if the graphic wasn't black-on-transparent!

I also got most (if not all ... have to plow through all these print-outs here) of my old "" re-directs re-established. A vast lot of them just evaporated when sold out to V3 last week. It appears that all their other domains transferred over fine, but for some reason about half of my "" ones didn't. With the change, there are some NEW re-directs available there (including ""), so I'm going to have to go "shopping" ... the pain in the butt thing is that (unlike the old system, which didn't care how many you had, just as long as you limited it to 3 registrations a day) V3 has a one-redirect/one-email policy, so I've been signing up for a LOT of free e-mail deals.

Anyhoo ... if somebody wanted to take a look at all my CafePress handiwork, I have this re-direct set up to point at the link page:

And, if you wanted to check out the CafePress free store deal for yourself, use this one:

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