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and more bleh ...

I hope I can get my shit together for next week ... the current class (on Visual Basic) is a bit like "taking a drink from a fire hose" and I'm starting to "lose" bits of it. Our "midterm" exam is next Thursday, so I need to get focused on this stuff soon. Hopefully this evening I'll be able to work through the book from all of last week's reading and check out the programming examples. Bleh. I'm so damn tired ... what I really want to do is go back to bed.

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                    CAST DOWN FROM ESSENCE

                    awaking lost
                    unable to connect
                    immersed in fog
                    no landmarks
                    no guides or grid
                    we drift to rote
                    having no more purpose
                    having no more place
                    dark frustration
                    cornered beast
                    we can not do
                    we can not think
                    damaged and unable
                    we sink to rage
                    striking out at walls
                    which suddenly close in
                    what plane supports
                    beings like me?
                    what space-time zone
                    allows us to thrive
                    and not just exist?
                    we are misplaced here
                    exiled from light
                    cast down from essence
                    stuck in unlikely dreams
                    we can not move here
                    flying inward
                    to escape the outer nightmare
                    we cycle through fantasies
                    for which we deeply ache
                    and are agonized
                    when they fade away
                    made lower
                    made viler
                    these gravities
                    have no release
                    this descent
                    no ending

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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