BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ya know what I'm thinkin' ...

Do you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that nobody is clicking on those LJ-cut thingies to look at these poems. I'm thinking that nobody's there. I'm getting those "If a tree falls in a forest..." kinds of thoughts which make me think "What the fuck is the point of going through the effort?" as far as staying on L.J. (or at least of making the effort to post). That's what I'm thinking. Yep ... sucks to be me ... but you knew that already.

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                    ONLY SHADOW FOR LIGHT

                    always loss
                    and dreams denied
                    always empty
                    drained of hope
                    all resources bled
                    with only void
                    for our sustenance
                    only shadow for light

                    drowned in cycles
                    of this darkness
                    a hall of mirrors
                    where all negates
                    and vision twists
                    into destruction
                    filtering everything
                    down to the worst

                    we reach for bits
                    among the flotsam,
                    some drifting shard
                    that would prevent
                    our immersion
                    within that dark,
                    that would allow
                    another dawn

                    but no support
                    ever reaches,
                    all illusion
                    dissolving to mists;
                    and bitterness,
                    and deep resentment,
                    hostile states
                    and crueler worlds

                    driven down
                    to desperation,
                    made to journey
                    through insane hells;
                    how can we not
                    now turn to madness
                    and be as evil
                    as that vile outside?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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