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Aww, heck ... just when I'm getting discouraged about nobody looking at my poems, a brand new person shows up on my "Friends Of" list and posts some nice stuff about some poems ... that certainly helps my attitude! I certainly have been on a tear here in April, with 10 poems in the first two weeks. This is good ... since I know I'll have "can't find time to write at all" months, it's good to have "torrential" ones too. I'm feeling pretty confident on my sliding into a "200 poems per year" pace here, which while not quite up to my old 250/yr pace, is at least up there where I'm feeling like I'm doing something!

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                    BREACHING INTO VOID

                    so disconnected,
                    immersed in pain,
                    with disturbances
                    of panic, dread,
                    dark foreboding;
                    we only feel
                    the fire of light
                    in the dungeon of the blind
                    vistas infused
                    with foreign memories,
                    we spin out plans
                    which have no basis,
                    formed of torture,
                    and ache, and anguish,
                    the marks of torment
                    upon the soul
                    from the center
                    we implode,
                    the outside too hostile
                    to let us survive;
                    the only path, inward,
                    deeper and warped,
                    in cold isolation,
                    shadowy space
                    each door the tiger,
                    each bulkhead
                    breaching into void;
                    we have no options,
                    just strings of lies,
                    promises without support,
                    pretty lures
                    which only hide the steel
                    orbiting the swirl
                    of final flushing,
                    death beckons,
                    almost kind,
                    to walk away
                    out of this picture,
                    plane breaking,
                    step from this frame

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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