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Uhhhhhhh .... yeah ... been a few days. There's a poem attached that was from last Thursday that I just got around to typing up tonight. But then I started into reading my VB homework and fell asleep and now it's 2am. I still have a good 2 hours of coding to do to get my assignment together for the morning. Bleh. Had this sitting on screen so I figured I'd slap it up on LJ. I have two others to get typed up, but they might have to wait for tomorrow some time. We'll see how it goes. This drug (Celexa) sure drops out of my system quickly ... it makes me so drowsy when it's "working" (I'm still not convinced it's doing me any good), but when it tapers off, I'm wide awake again. I hate being drowsy.

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                    CRUSHED OUT OF BEING

                    where is there
                    a difference?
                    how might we reach
                    across the abyss
                    to engage the outer world
                    not in conflict,
                    not in pain?

                    too many open wounds
                    are salted by the touch
                    of an outer frame
                    whose single purpose seems
                    to be our destruction;
                    how can we desensitize
                    all of our agonies
                    to be out there again?

                    driven into darkness
                    not our own
                    we lose control here,
                    we can not function,
                    the most basic states
                    roiled and buffeted,
                    we stumble stunned
                    from day to day

                    broken systems
                    and fragmented mind
                    aching to be whole;
                    there's no repairing
                    any of this,
                    no place of solace,
                    of unity

                    deep within
                    we are too damaged,
                    the amassed weight
                    of bitter years
                    drags us down
                    below horizons,
                    crushing us
                    out of being

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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