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More Poems For You ...

I think I mentioned yesterday that I was walking around with a bunch of pages filled in my little poetry composition notebook that I hadn't gotten around to typing up as yet ... well, I at least got THAT done tonight. I have been SO DAMN TIRED of late that every time I sit down at the computer when not at class I fall asleep (ditto for tyring to get caught up on my class reading). It's very frustrating ... but I guess my body is insisting on my getting some sort of sleep every now and again. Anyway, here's the first of three new poems from earlier this week ... if you want more, the motherlode is off at ...

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                    JUST ONE MORE ZERO SET

                    no matter how we dream
                    the results are the same,
                    loss, destruction,
                    degradation and despair;
                    the harsher real
                    descends upon us
                    with mass and malice
                    crushing our every hope

                    how cruel, the world
                    to build before us
                    an edifice of our desire,
                    bright and shiny,
                    streaming with light,
                    as though a promise
                    finally kept;
                    yet broken at the last

                    would it be better
                    to never see the shape
                    of our prayers forming
                    in this dark and bitter place,
                    than to have our hopes
                    waved as taunts
                    and snatched away
                    when we almost believed?

                    so hard, so brutal,
                    cutting oh so deep,
                    our every wish denied,
                    our fondest fantasy failed;
                    how dark the place
                    which sees that dawn,
                    how empty life
                    refused these dreams

                    without these stars to guide
                    how can we steer to shore?
                    we are lost
                    in an endless night,
                    adrift on a featureless sea;
                    our heart is mangled,
                    our mind oppressed,
                    our spirit so dismayed

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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