BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And Yet More Poems For You ...

I was SO down today. I never "got depressed" before I started taking these anti-anxiety pills which are supposed to help with depression too. That really sucks. For no good reason (well, aside from ALL the myriad of "good reasons" in my life for feeling like a sack of shit) I was all down in the dumps this afternoon. Fortunately they had a "Gallery Night" at The Girls' daycare tonight where one painting by each of the kids had been framed and put out on display (we got to take home our kids' framed art). We had to pick up the kids before the "show", so I got The Girls and dragged them over to McDonalds for some Crappy Meals where some other folks from the school were likewise killing time till 6pm. The Wife met us at the school (she was supposed to have caught up with us at McDonalds, but was running late) and we got Chinese on the way home. It certainly helped with my mood, if not with getting anything useful done tongiht.

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                    scattered fragments
                    nothing whole
                    the slipstream blast
                    blows all away
                    we crawl empty
                    through the dawn
                    without comprehension
                    wracked with pain
                    chaos reigns
                    within this world,
                    nothing fits
                    system, structure;
                    we are awash
                    in mindless acts,
                    swept beneath
                    unthinking currents
                    a chasm yet stands
                    between this here
                    and all those theres
                    an abyss unspanned
                    dividing us from that
                    self from the race
                    this inner hell
                    from external frames
                    the madness spreads
                    no longer strictly mine
                    it spills across the globe
                    sinking claws in flesh
                    drilling into psyches
                    running frantic in pursuit
                    of the sane and of the seeing
                    to flay them in its spite
                    so many weights
                    are shackled to the soul,
                    we struggle vainly
                    to stay afloat,
                    to not submit
                    to depth and darkness
                    and the smothering crush
                    of such evil fate

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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