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Would You Believe Even More Poems For You? ...

Hey, how's this for snappy service? Got another poem written today and already have it typed up and on display! You were just aching for more after reading those three I posted last night, weren't you??? On a totally "nobody fucking cares about this stuff but me" note, this poem completed filling up another of the little notebooks I carry around with me, so starting tomorrow I have fresh new one to spew my morbidity into! Such a deal. Now, be a dear and click on the link to go read the poem ...

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                    WHERE NOT BUT ONLY THERE

                    unlimited loss
                    boundless failure
                    these the parameters
                    of our life
                    no darkness too dark
                    no end to descent
                    each day brings new damage
                    new forms of decay

                    we can not plan
                    as no intents
                    have meaning here
                    we can not hope
                    as in this world
                    what we wish for
                    is by design
                    denied to us

                    when did reality
                    grow so warped?
                    when did the rules
                    corrupt the game?
                    no lines unbroken
                    no shapes unbent
                    no process functions
                    as it should

                    other places
                    other planes
                    somehow we sense
                    we are not a native here
                    somehow we fell
                    into this world
                    by tragic accident
                    or horrid curse

                    some days the veil is thinner
                    and we receive vibrations
                    from that other zone
                    how cruel to feel
                    what might have been
                    or what is now
                    the happy state of other selves
                    impossibly far away

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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