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Heh ... oh, boy! My CD order came in today. I've only been waiting five weeks or so ... that's what I get for taking Amazon up on their free shipping offer ... they waited for ALL of the order to get in before sending it out! To background, my father-in-law gave me a $100.00 Amazon gift certificate for Xmas, and I decided that I'd spluge on CDs ... here's what I got:
                    Genitorturers - Sin City
                    Electric Hellfire Club - Burn, Baby, Burn!
                    Electric Hellfire Club - Satan's Little Helpers
                    Electric Hellfire Club - Kiss The Goat
                    Electric Hellfire Club - Calling Dr. Luv
                    Electric Hellfire Club - Unholy Roller
                    Electric Hellfire Club - Electronomicon
                    "This Is Industrial" 3-CD set
                    "The Darkest Millennium" collection which also included:
                    "The World's Greatest Club Collection"
                    which is a bunch of dance floor stuff from "back in the day"

I've got Sin City on and it is FAB ... I am a happy camper (well ... ya know ... I mean, as happy as I get ... after all) at the moment ... new tunes! PLUS ... it looks like Cleopatra has a new web site ... ... which is great, as I was afraid that they went under ... all sorts of groovy new collections there too ... now all I need is some MONEY to get more audio darkness to make my head feel better.

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