BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh yeah ... some new stuff ...

O.K. ... I've been trying to get this stuff typed up and posted for days ... but of course the fact that I have my VB final in just over 12 hours is making me do this poetry stuff INSTEAD of studying ... kick me HARD dammit! I have like six poems to do, but so far have just gotten those last couple of April poems done (so I could update the archive site with that month). If I get REAL neurotic, I might have more, but right now I think you'll just have these two.

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                    CRAZED AND IMPURE

                    inversion of being
                    intents interspersed
                    with history
                    we cannot chart
                    straight courses through
                    all movements realign
                    as changes in space
                    brought change in time

                    the field becomes
                    no grid sustains
                    nor coordinates
                    remain invariable
                    upon these scans
                    how can one dictate
                    placement in this web?

                    exhaustion creates
                    a sudden rain
                    that drains all strength
                    and leave us limp
                    our edges blur
                    and cannot connect
                    to make or do
                    or act or be

                    such anguish
                    such fear
                    we are driven down
                    amid these days
                    forced to seek shelter
                    in dark abysses
                    whose unspeakable depths
                    would swallow us whole

                    nothing remains here
                    we are too damaged
                    too profoundly injured
                    to synch with the world
                    all our points of contact
                    ache from its touch
                    all our zones of being
                    are crazed and impure

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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