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And another ...

I've been listening to all those Electric Hellfire Club CDs that came in the other day ... I'm amazed that they're from Kenosha, WI ... you'd think L.A. or somesuch! Pretty cool stuff, if WIDELY varying in style album-to-album. I still think the best thing that came in that order was Sin City by the Genitorturers ... hope their other stuff is as hot as that album!

Anyhoo ... here's the last of the poems from April ... I got 20 poems done in the month ... I used to write 21/month in my 250/year days and that makes me feel good. I still think I'm shooting for 200 for 2002, but if I keep pulling 20 poem months I may have to tweak that up and make a big push in the second half of the year.

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                    UNABLE TO RETRIEVE THE LIGHT

                    the thinnest line,
                    the narrowest edge,
                    we must balance here
                    to cross the abyss;
                    we have no aid,
                    nor rail or rope
                    in wind and tremor,
                    chaos and fire

                    how many times
                    the dark's consumed
                    our spirit, our soul,
                    dropped into that chasm
                    plummeting to demise,
                    how many times
                    have we been lost
                    unable to retrieve the light?

                    exposed again,
                    we try to stay
                    upon that blade
                    step for step,
                    inch by inch,
                    seeking some way
                    through the storm,
                    out of the nightmare

                    we can not cede
                    reign to this world,
                    we can not let
                    the onslaught break
                    the inner voice,
                    the rebel seed
                    which stands apart,
                    on higher ground

                    our battered form,
                    our damaged mind,
                    must once again
                    rejoin the fight;
                    how far the dusk
                    extend the night
                    before the deeper dark
                    overwhelms us?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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