BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A day off ...

I had a day off today, class #2 (of six) on Visual Basic finished on Thursday (it looks like I'll get an A ... I had a 93 on the mid-term, 100 on the final, and a 93 on the case study, and each of those count for 30% of the grade, with homework making up the remaining 10% ... and an A being 94 and above) and we start up again on Mondy (with Oracle).

I treated myself to buying a sandwich (yep, things have gotten that bad ... spending $5 at Subway is a big treat!) and going to the early show of Spiderman. The movie was OK. I could pick-pick-pick on stuff, but won't ... I agree with folks who said the first half was better than the second half ... my biggest gripe was that the Green Goblin looked like a Power Rangers villain, if the suit and flyer were supposed to be "off the shelf" stolen from Oscorp, when did Osborne have a chance to work up the goofy helmet? Anyway ...

I spent most of the day in a funk. I hate this depression crap. I didn't used to be depressed before I started to take anti-depressants for my anxiety. I don't know if this was just today, or if I'm normally so focused on class that I don't have time to get too down. Bleh. I'm hoping (not that anybody gives a fuck) to get some poems up here tongiht ... we'll see how long I can stay up.

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