BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Aieeeee ....

Oh, no ... my grades are dropping! I got at 96.64 on the first course and just got a 96.31 on the last course ... a whole third or a point! Ack!

But, seriously, folks ...

The instructor told me that grades probably don't mean shit in this context (obviously, it's better to have good ones, but passing ones work just as well) and was encouraging me to think about pushing for getting the first level Oracle certification during this course, even if it meant me blowing off a lot of the HTML (we're doing the first half on Oracle, the second half on basic web stuff) and getting a bit lower grade. There is a lot of on-line study stuff available, and maybe I'll look into this. It would piss me off to fuck up my grade, though, and THEN to not pass the cert test (he said it's very likely one won't pass the first time).

Bleh. Still haven't had a chance to type up any new poems ... haven't been writing as much as last month, but I've been walking around with a bunch in the notebook. I'm updating this from school ... came in early to catch up on some homework that I fell asleep on last night.

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