BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Six Poems ... #4

What an awful trade-off ... I either get no sleep, or I get no work done. That sucks. Last night it was a "sleep, no work" deal, and, of course, now I'm frantically trying to get caught up with stuff. Bleh. Sucks to be me ... hey, speaking of which ... here's another fun happy poem!

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                    THIS WASTELAND, SO INSANE

                    the words only come
                    when squeezed,
                    when the madness
                    from those outer realms
                    impinges on us
                    and we can not evade
                    the press of points,
                    the sweep of planes

                    time and again
                    the nightmare settles
                    into my world,
                    an over-sized raptor
                    hungry for flesh
                    selectively tearing
                    at the non-mundane bits
                    leaving us shredded, savaged

                    we can not find
                    that middle place,
                    the zone of calm,
                    within this storm;
                    too long we've sought
                    to ride that eye
                    but now we know
                    it's time to flee

                    is there any sanctuary there,
                    out in that world?
                    it seems so engineered
                    to drive us down,
                    to take the beings
                    most like us
                    and leave them beaten, bloodied,
                    dumped in the wasteland

                    such darkness,
                    so deep the evil,
                    in a zone so blind,
                    so far asleep
                    that no light will waken
                    the unconscious mass;
                    we are lost here
                    so far away from home

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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