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oh, look ... more poetry ...

I'm surprised that I'm still on 50-some people's Friends lists, and I get the very real sense that nobody is reading my journal at all anymore ... I might as well go back to posting the poems without the hassle of formatting that LJ-cut thing! Bleh. Hey, I'm feeling cranky today ... I've been averaging under 4 hours of sleep for too many days and have been nodding off when I want to get stuff done, which always pisses me off. I did manage to get this lovely bit of literature typed up for the hell of it, though ... when I should be studying for my mid-term tomorrow...

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                    FOCUS OF TORMENT, NEVER FREE

                    backed into corners
                    at the point of sticks,
                    and the threat of teeth
                    and eviscerating claws;
                    there is no quiet
                    amid this zone
                    with the tumult of the hunt
                    running us down

                    all stress leads to fracture
                    within the facade,
                    we cannot find basis
                    in this tumbled decline;
                    all truths are momentary,
                    all alignments unsure,
                    lines cling to illusion
                    and can't be presaged

                    visions of pasts
                    well into view,
                    we can not trust these
                    nor can we believe;
                    all of our histories
                    are the seedbeds for pain,
                    so much have we lost,
                    so little maintained

                    every dawn arrives
                    with new agendas,
                    the list of tortures
                    to be doled out;
                    in each new day
                    we can not adjust,
                    we can not hide
                    from mundane torment

                    what arcane device
                    can map this out,
                    can trace the details
                    of damnation's descent?
                    we ride on its spirals
                    circling the pit,
                    ever lower, ever closer
                    to that final dive

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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