BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What a crappy day ...

Man ... I just hate it when days go like this. I got into a worse mode by the minute, and was in full-blown Tourettes-like fume by the time I was on my way home with The Girls from dojo. I'm amazed that I've never killed anybody on days like this, as there was nothing I would have liked better than to beat some stupid asshole to death with my bare hands today. Bleh. Lucky you that ONE of my irritations was that I was never quite able to get the time to write a poem, since it would have been a fucking doozy of hate spewing rage! Instead, you get this rather frivolous piece thrown together yesterday ... a much more pleasant read, I can assure you!

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                    another day
                    gone aft agley,
                    another morn
                    on which to mourn
                    amidst a life
                    that's naught but strife,
                    pent by a race
                    with evil's face
                    such illnesses...
                    we plunge into a pit
                    of unsuspected ailing,
                    we can not function
                    despite demand,
                    we can not suffice
                    for these tasks before us,
                    these fleeting dreams
                    hidden, hidden,
                    oh, hidden space,
                    would I could find you
                    and crawl into your
                    comforting darkness
                    to shelter me
                    from these blades
                    and raging storms
                    holy nightmare,
                    how little's left
                    of which to draw,
                    we sink into
                    unsullied pasts
                    trying not to be
                    the target of the day
                    we are diverted,
                    scrambled, misaligned,
                    our vector is crazed,
                    leaving us delirious,
                    unable to crawl
                    to find the light,
                    to pass beyond
                    this poisoned state

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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