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Just what you wanted ... more poems ... 1/5

Catching up ... I finally got something to post! I'm having to use the update page (the client can't seem to find LJ), but here we go. I wrote this much earlier today:

"What a world ... what a world ..." Chaos. Anarchy. Insanity. Yep ... plus lots of falling asleep at the keyboard. I have five new poems that I hadn't had a chance to get typed up before that I am trying to get done today. We'll see how this goes. The first of them is below. So many things on the "To Do" list and just too damn few hours to get to all of them. ... so, read this one now and see how it goes for the rest of the day:

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                    EXCEPT BY MADNESS

                    all these failures
                    stacked up around me,
                    a rain of cubes
                    torrential, unrelenting,
                    each block drips anguish,
                    each new arrival
                    compounding pain
                    in this field of uselessness

                    some other being
                    might take these things
                    these cubes, these blocks,
                    and make of them
                    some perverse construction;
                    but I can feel
                    the tremors waiting
                    to destroy whatever we build

                    no intent is sated here,
                    no desire slaked
                    by cool clear waves
                    of sweet accomplishment;
                    we are damned to this,
                    cast down in drab states
                    which give no solace
                    or offer us relief

                    harried by the world
                    and all its mundane imps;
                    no dark arcana strikes us,
                    no mystical malaise,
                    these are the ills
                    of day and drudgery,
                    the killing web
                    set out for those like us

                    how to leave here?
                    except by madness,
                    is there any escape?
                    the world's corruption
                    seeps through every pore
                    tainting all things,
                    what fish survives
                    when water turns to sludge?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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