BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Just what you wanted ... more poems ... 2/5

As an update ... took Daughter #1 to a birthday party from 10:30 - 12:00 yesterday, then we went to the zoo for about an hour, then to her dojo, then home to meet up with my brother and his eldest daughter at my mom's place (exhausting day) ... then today I took both #1 and #2 over to Dave & Busters to meet up with my mom, brother, and niece at lunch ... and then repeated the process at 5:30 for the Rain Forest Cafe. I am whupped ... and have not gotten in a lick of work all weekend (well, unless you count typing up the poems). I still hope to get SOME stuff done on my Oracle case study before the morning.

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                    TRENCHCOAT LOGIC

                    never enough
                    the non-sufficience
                    oozes from cracks
                    in the facade,
                    seeps under doors
                    and around windows,
                    leaving us faulty
                    and unlikely to win

                    all that we are
                    and all the world is
                    are oil and water,
                    darkness and light,
                    they don't mix well,
                    they don't play nice,
                    one brutal bully
                    and one whiney geek

                    and pummeled I am,
                    my bones broken,
                    my muscles torn,
                    my skin shredded and pulped,
                    left only desire
                    for lethal revenge
                    to drive my days
                    and stain my nights

                    drastic intentions
                    underlie every prayer,
                    we skirt round the bounds
                    of the darkest of pacts
                    looking for ammo
                    for the final attack,
                    the burst of rebellion
                    which they cannot ignore

                    so clear are our dreams,
                    unambiguous, firm,
                    yet totally alien
                    to these dull mundane forms;
                    as always, we're trapped
                    in some desperate here,
                    unable to transfer
                    to unreachable theres

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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