BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Just what you wanted ... more poems ... 3/5

Man ... I wish I could get more of this stuff done "as it happens" ... catching up once a week on the poems is NOT the most efficient method (aside from the fact that the further away from the actual composition of a poem I get the less likely I will be able to decipher my alien scrawl writing!). I still need to get all of May "e-edited" and up on the web site. I have the month grid done, just not the individual poems. I'm feeling like shit at the moment, but might target getting that done tonight yet.

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                    DAMAGED BY THE NORM

                    stymied intention,
                    broken desires;
                    the good we plan
                    is scuttled by the norm
                    sabotaged by those
                    stupid in the mundane world,
                    the pattern incessant,
                    the verdict a curse

                    we can not speak
                    against this form,
                    the blindness locks
                    all truth within;
                    the masses volunteer
                    to only lie
                    and to strike at voices
                    which stand in light

                    how often we are damaged
                    by that conspiracy
                    which would destroy
                    all things better,
                    elevating the base,
                    enshrining the vile;
                    it is a madness,
                    rampant in their world

                    is there a zone
                    of refuge here?
                    is there some kingdom
                    for those who would escape
                    the dull insanity,
                    the lockstep conforming
                    of this mundane prison,
                    this all-too-twisted world?

                    sometimes a glimmer
                    of what there might be
                    cuts through the darkness
                    and dares us to hope,
                    but how to trust dreams
                    when everything fails
                    and each day is a nightmare
                    of the oppressive norm?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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