BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Just what you wanted ... more poems ... 4/5

Not that anybody else cares about this stuff ... but I had a bit of a "thin" month in May poem-wise, but fortunately had the extra from April to balance things out ... I'm still on target for 200 poems for the year, but I need to be hitting my mark (17 poems a month) more often.

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                    THROUGH STATIONS OF DECAY

                    the words do not compute,
                    the meanings won't align;
                    we are stymied,
                    stuck in these in-betweens
                    which are gridless
                    and without marks,
                    unable to orient,
                    all adrift in grey
                    too many weights
                    crush in from outside,
                    we must harbor a darkness
                    which sucks in all mass,
                    for every vector
                    brings pressures to bear,
                    there is no direction
                    not parent to pain
                    all our desires,
                    illusions, dissolving,
                    fading from our fingertips
                    as we would reach to grasp
                    the dreamed-of forms;
                    too many things enact this,
                    taunting our needs,
                    mocking our lack
                    caught in whirlwinds
                    built of demand,
                    where are the beginnings
                    that seed such storms?
                    we can not control these
                    but perhaps might find
                    a way to still the trigger
                    before the chaos builds
                    the heat, unexpected,
                    oppresses the brain
                    and spins fresh blades
                    from the fibers of the mind;
                    we can not filter
                    the vision from the seen,
                    the voices heard within
                    from the incessant din without

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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