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Just what you wanted ... more poems ... 5/5

Well, here's a start on June ... I'd intended to write something today (I was all primed for it earlier, but passed out instead) but at least I've started ... as mentioned previously, I feel like crap tonight (my gut's rebelling from all the "entertainment eating" that we've been doing over the past couple of days) and I have a real hard time writing when all the blood's in my digestive tract. Anyway ... I'm relieved to be able to get these things up ... I'd put them together in .txt files, but the damn client thing still isn't connecting. Ick. I wanna take a nap, but I'm afraid if I do get down I won't get functional before morning!

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                    SMOTHERING DEFLECTIONS

                    churning delusion,
                    extremest of days,
                    pressed into time,
                    sliced and diced
                    by schedule lines,
                    pureed by chaos,
                    extruded into forms
                    of exhaustion and frustration

                    we decline
                    and so descend,
                    downward vectors
                    define this state;
                    no rest, no ease,
                    no relaxation nor
                    release is here,
                    trapped within decay

                    systems, the very frame,
                    splinter, shatter,
                    drop crumbling shards
                    to debris fields
                    stretching to horizons;
                    nothing can rebuild this,
                    nothing can recall
                    the ancient glory

                    the sweltering closeness
                    swamps us into dreams,
                    we can not focus
                    upon the outer world
                    strong enough to fight the fade
                    into deep drifting,
                    the instant drop
                    down into grey

                    here would illness
                    cast its pall,
                    tainting duration
                    with debilitating shades
                    which warp perception
                    with dragging mass
                    and smothering deflections
                    from the source of life

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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