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A re-post from elsewhere ...

I know that this journal has been pretty quiet of late (I'm averaging about 1 post every 3 weeks), but that is likely to change once I get the poetry thing geared up (see previous posts). I am, however, constantly posting in other journals in the comment area, and sometimes I like what I wrote for that so much that I want to "save" it (or at least make it easier for me to refer back to), and the following is one of these.

I had recommended the Rexall homeopathic stop-smoking product, Smokease™, in response to a post by somebody who had just resolved to get off of cigarettes. In response to my response was another L.J. user suggesting that I might be more up-front about my relationship with RSI. This was my response ...

Thanks for your feedback. I feel that I am relatively up-front about these being products with which I'm afilliated, since the main link to RSI ends up "my" page with my picture and everything there, and if somebody were to be interested in ordering the products, I believe that they would have to go through that main page to do so (as the info pages I link to are "out of context" as far as the main computer is concerned, and I don't think the order links are funtional as posted).

Of course, it is true that if somebody did order something via my page I'd eventually see a buck or two from the sale, but "retailing" product is really not the focus of why I suggest them here and in other parts of cyberspace.

I am genuinely enthusiastic about most of these products, and typically recommend products which I personally use and from which I feel I derive substantial benefit. I currently take SIXTEEN different RSI products on a daily basis (which I know sounds a bit excessive!), and really depend on a number of them for certain "quality-of-life" issues (such as short-term memory enhancement, digestive function, cholesterol count, etc.). As I noted, the current product is NOT one that I personally take, and was offering it up for a slightly different reason than that I had seen beneficial results from its use.

Due to the nature of the RSI program (i.e., relationship or "network" marketing), these products are NOT available in stores, and are not advertised. Nearly all RSI products are "unique formulations", which means they are not directly comparable to other products on the market (for instance, there is no "RSI St. John's Wort", but there IS an herbal product which combines St. Johns's Wort with Siberian Ginseng, Ginger Root, and Rhodiola Rosea, to form a blend which works together for a more synergistic effect). As such, when I hear that so-and-so is having a health/lifestyle challenge with such-and-such problem, and I know that there is a RSI product that would be helpful to them, I have to assume that if I don't tell them about it, they'll never discover it on their own!

In the case of the homeopathic product in the above post, it is (to my knowledge) a fairly unique approach to smoking cessation, depending neither on drugs nor on alternative nicotine support. When I read the post about quitting smoking, it pretty naturally occurred to me that this might be of interest. Again, since these are unique products with neither advertising nor in-store exposure, the assumption is that if I don't point them out, they will not be othewise discovered and the person that might have benefitted from their use would not get that benefit!

Of course, as a entrepreneur, I would dearly LOVE to have a dozen or so LiveJournal users try various RSI products, see how great they are, and sign up in my downline! But, frankly, as an end in itself, selling a $13.00 bottle of pills is not particularly high on my priority list (although I always welcome sales!).

Frankly, I have toyed around with various ideas of making the equivalent of an e-mail "sig" for my posts, but they've all seemed more intrusive than informative.

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