BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A half a dozen poems ... #3

One thing was pretty depressing today ... we were taking a look at ... my Big Poem Site ... and noticed how some browsers (NS6, for example) was really screwing up some of the graphics. We're also looking to re-do it in XHTML, which would mean TONS of re-write of the code. Bleh. Not happy. One fun thing from this weekend was a new domain I snapped up ... ... it is the domain of all these examples in our HTML text and I was amazed that it hadn't been registered! So, I went and grabbed it and whupped up a site ... which we've been tweaking over the past couple of days ... I don't have the new XHTML version up yet (maybe tomorrow), but it's worth a look!

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                    BEATEN DOWN, EVISCERATED, VOID

                    how much stress,
                    how much pain,
                    can be absorbed,
                    can be ignored,
                    can be discounted
                    in the puling demands
                    of norm-fixated world
                    seeking our silence?

                    I am beaten down,
                    eviscerated, void,
                    what little care
                    exists out there
                    is a drop against an ocean,
                    a deep and hostile sea,
                    which would consume us
                    dragging into hopeless depths

                    nothing we have suffices,
                    all we'd amassed is gone,
                    we bleed off dreams
                    and pick the scars of hope
                    torn from our form
                    never really healing
                    no chance of being whole
                    nor point of going on

                    so out of synch
                    with a dull, blind race
                    which sleeps complacent
                    in the Lie's own dream;
                    all we try to build
                    means nothing here,
                    all turns to sand
                    and is swept away

                    we see the fade
                    that trails behind time
                    we feel its touch
                    as it drains our strength
                    and degrades all systems
                    which support our life,
                    leaving us damaged, fragile,
                    beset with pain and doubt

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

visit the BTRIPP home page


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