BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A half a dozen poems ... #4

It's so cool to hear that ana is going to be coming down to Chicago for a photo shoot in the not-too-distant future ... I hope that we'll get a chance to hook up for coffee or something ... It's so weird to "know somebody" for years on-line but never having had a chance to actually meet!

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                    EVAPORATING INTO DREAD

                    clouds loom on dark horizons,
                    no matter how bright
                    the day at hand
                    we know the storm awaits
                    to bring destruction,
                    to rain upon us doom,
                    leveling all structures
                    to a ruined plain
                    we are dragged through time,
                    demand to demand,
                    need to need,
                    with no direction, no control,
                    hurtled, vertiginous,
                    made ill in rushes,
                    void in careening turns
                    and unforseen jolts
                    we grow tired
                    some gauge within us fails
                    and all our essence
                    leaks into emptiness,
                    all our will seeps
                    evaporating into dread;
                    we can not act,
                    we can not move
                    every day is shadowed
                    by the fear, the horror
                    of what the mundane world
                    might foist upon us now;
                    we are fractured
                    and can not run from this,
                    we are wounded
                    and they are crazed for blood
                    not enough time,
                    nothing meets need,
                    every hour, every day,
                    another stone upon the cairn
                    built atop me,
                    a crushing weight of madness
                    imposed by insane worlds
                    seeking only my demise

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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