BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A half a dozen poems ... #5

It has been a year now since the abrupt demise of the Sacred Sexuality Conference, and I was finally able to get into my business mail. On a lot of levels, I am a WRECK ... and dealing with Eschaton has, unfortunately, been one of them. Today I pulled all the shopping bags full of mail out of the closet and plowed through them. This was triggered, of course, by bad stuff (the bank calling about us being over-drawn again), but I was able to pull out all the checks from Amazon and Book Clearing House and a few others, which was a couple of thousand dollars ... which will get the bank off my ass for quite a while and might even allow us to get some things printed. The bags I had here only went up through March, so I guess I haven't been over to Mail Boxes, Etc. to pick up the mail in quite a while ... the weeks are running by like days for me anymore, and so I get behind on everything even if I'm not gong through major psychological episodes!

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                    MUNDANE CHAIN, VIOLENT, EVIL

                    will there ever
                    be a dawn
                    without the world?
                    will there ever
                    come a day
                    where we'll be freed
                    of mundane chain
                    and this mad race?

                    so far out of synch,
                    so alien to the norm,
                    all our basic truths
                    ring false to sleeping ears,
                    all our instincts
                    lead not to survival
                    but to abuse, debasement,
                    violence and evil here

                    where is there a place
                    for those like me?
                    can there be a zone
                    just for the sighted ones
                    to not be hunted by the dull?
                    evil, stupid humanity,
                    how can I hate a thing
                    so far beneath contempt?

                    a child of light,
                    I am driven into dark
                    by these beasts;
                    their light is lies,
                    their truth delusion,
                    and they would destroy
                    all those who'd dare
                    to disagree

                    none of them can see
                    the spikes lining their space,
                    few of them suspect
                    the blades they wield
                    with word and file,
                    rule and structure;
                    how can they realize
                    the hell they make for me?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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