BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The nightmare continues ...

Of course, it's not BAD ENOUGH that the fucking bank wouldn't put in the check, but this has casued a whole "domino effect" which is going to be fucking us over for a long, long, long time. Defaulting on loans, getting "bad credit marks" on cards, hell, even the pool membership is probably fucked.

I'm posting this on a break at class. After I get out this afternoon, I have to go back to the bank to see if they will UNLOCK our damn account so that we can PUT MONEY INTO IT (which The Wife found that she was unable to do Saturday) with the check we borrowed from my mom yesterday, THEN I have to see if it would be ACCEPTABLE to the god-damned bank if we messengered up the check to our accountant for him to sign and had it messengered back for us to deposit. This is insanity. Somebody MUST DIE.

I do NOT want to live in a world like this. I can NOT deal with this sort of stuff. It is either me or them, and I can't even BEGIN to figure out how to kill off the whole fucking banking industry, let alone all the lawyers ... so I guess I should just start "getting my affairs in order" (like that's going to happen). Damn them all. Damn them all to the deepest, nastiest pit of hell.

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