BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Happy Birthday To Me...

Well... the time-shift thing gets me again ... the b-day's on the 24th, but it's already tomorrow.

Got up early, not usually what I want in my days, but we had stuff scheduled. "The Girls" had me open my presents at about 8am ... got tickets for the Bears game today (knew about that), some Best Buy, Starbucks, and Lettuce Entertain You (a restaurant chain) gift certificates, as well as some framed pics and a program I'd picked up for them to give me.

The Wife had hired a baby sitter for the day (not an inexpensive proposition around these parts, where sitters typically get $10-15.00/hr!) so that we could go out to brunch and then to the Bears game. The Bears, of course, lost (although it was interesting, our seats being in row 6 in the north endzone, which means they were all but on the field!).

We then got home and got organized for going out to dinner. The Wife's nephew had given us a gift certificate to this really great Tapas restauant, Cafe Iberico, at Xmas, and we'd not had a chance to use it yet, so we went there (it is relatively kid friendly) ... had an amazing dinner. We gave bread soaked in various things to Daughter #2 (who is 7.5 months) and she was VERY enthusiastic about several of them. Daughter #1 loved the sauteed mushrooms, but didn't really want to try anything else, waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the shrimp tapas to come ... I got one of these, and she wolfed down the rest! I just love it that my girls are budding gourmands!

Then we came back for b-day cake (I suspect the REAL reason that Daughter #1 was passing on a lot of other parts of dinner!), and everybody crashed (well, except me). A good day.

Had a good Rexall thing happen today ... there was a SUPER phone message from one of the "big dogs" a week or so back regarding his recent trip over to Holland to tour the new parent company, Royal Numico (and all the exciting stuff he found out) ... and somebody finally put it out there on the net as a .wav file (it's HERE if anybody wants to check it out in its current form), the only problem is that it's 3.25 megs long (just over 7 minutes). I changed it over to TrueSpeech using the Windows Sound Recorder which reduced it down to 450k, and I'll be putting that up on when I get the current update I'm working on done in the next day or so. I'm excited about that, since I've been wanting to get certain things done on that site (and it's twin, and I finally (with some help from ee ... who pointed to the piece of code I needed!) have those working the way I want them to. Had another nice Rexall thing happen a couple of days ago ... somebody surfed in on the main site (who I don't know, and haven't had any contact with), signed up as a free member, and ordered about a hundred bucks worth of product! Yay!

Anyway ... that was how this birthday went ... #43, in case anybody's counting!

- Brendan
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