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You probably wouldn't want to know ... 2 of 5

Speaking of school ... I am just not "synching" with the new instructor ... as I may have mentioned, I'm in sort of an odd situation there, being the only person in my class ... all the others having dropped out. My original instructor got pulled in to teach the new class and a guy who was doing night classes was pulled in for me. I worked well with the other guy ... this one is a struggle .... and I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep my GPA up with him at the helm. The grading at Chubb is pretty brutal 96-100 is an A, 88-95 is a B, and 80-87 is a C and everything below 80 is failing. I have managed to maintain that A over three terms, and it would really SUCK to lose that due to the new approach. Bleh ... welll, I always have POETRY TO FALL BACK ON ... yeah, right, like a Roman general always had his sword ...

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                    UNFOLDING INTO PAIN

                    the matrix lines
                    evolve to steel
                    to cutting bands
                    of razor wire
                    and thence constrict
                    upon our zone
                    distorting, slicing,
                    unfolding into pain
                    we come unstuck
                    from the moment
                    we drift away
                    slipping under
                    the mundane screen
                    and into worlds
                    without those rules
                    outside that frame
                    storms arise,
                    sweep the city,
                    we can not avoid
                    their passage
                    even if avoiding
                    torrential wrath
                    that infiltrates within
                    seeking to explode
                    too many lists
                    in competition
                    none are sated
                    none fulfilled
                    there is no time
                    for any set
                    there are no hours
                    to stay the dread
                    mirror-like flow,
                    we are twisted,
                    inverted, pulled apart;
                    no lines maintain here,
                    all trends are inked
                    in weathered runes,
                    no foretelling,
                    no way to ever plan

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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