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You probably wouldn't want to know ... 3 of 5

Things have been so dire in LJ-land of late, with deaths, intimations of suicide, losses, and major freak-outs ... it saddens me to see others going through similar hells to me around here ... sometimes I wish it was "just me" (hey, then I'd be special!) in anguish. It is very hard for me to keep up these long-distance "carings" and I find myself very vunerable from things going awry ... like today in IRC, I got bitch-slapped for something I'd said to try to insert some glimmer of non-morbidity into a pretty dark place, and it got totally miscontrued. Nothing like opening up and trying to help and getting a whammy for it. I think I'm going to take another long vacation for IRC ... things always seem to get fucked up there.

ANYWAY ... here's another lovely poem. There are a bunch more over at ... but, unfortunately, not the past few months ... maybe over the weekend of the 4th (I do get a 4-day weekend!) I'll be able to block out some time to get caught up.

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                    PERVASIVE IS THE BEAST

                    so many dark clouds,
                    so many disasters;
                    we are held down,
                    smothering under weights
                    pressed upon us
                    from the outside,
                    they watch us bleed
                    and, gleeful, laugh

                    so many lies,
                    the world is woven
                    out of these deceits;
                    nothing real,
                    nothing true,
                    just masks on masks,
                    cheap facades
                    which hide facades

                    at every hand
                    we see an evil,
                    a lurking bane,
                    which oozes out from eyes
                    of random strangers;
                    so pervasive is the beast,
                    it and this race are vile,
                    my nightmare is its life

                    is there no sanity
                    within this human world?
                    every move towards light
                    is beset with howls of rage
                    from the blinded faithful
                    and the dull sleeping mass;
                    why must the voices of the true
                    by silence by the mundane lie?

                    no peace for me
                    nor for my kind,
                    I can't stand silent
                    against their illusions
                    which by their force
                    all must accede,
                    how can one man survive
                    against a world so foul?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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