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I was having JavaScript dreams last night ... haven't had "code" dreams in a while ... I was trying to get some problems sovled on a website which just kept getting more convoluted and complicated. It would be nice if the main browser boys would get together and all support one standard, eh? I see that Netscape 7 is available for pre-release download ... I hope they fixed the stuff that is freaky about 6 (I've been spending a lot of time with multiple browsers of late in school ... so am beginning to get a bit touchy on this stuff). Here's another poem for your perusing pleasure, and I'm pretty sure that it is compatible with all browsers ... if not with many human sensibilities ...

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                    TOO MANY NAILS

                    having nothing,
                    lost amid chaos;
                    we can almost leave,
                    we can touch the places
                    that we need
                    and know they yet exist
                    even though this world
                    still binds us in its chains

                    we spin plans now
                    of difference, alteration,
                    seeking to somehow
                    drive a wedge between
                    the cracks in this facade
                    and reach beyond
                    the mundane cage
                    to the other world outside

                    ancient echoes ring
                    from walls within this,
                    strange resonances
                    with good things lost
                    as though they were
                    still somewhere here
                    and not destroyed
                    by the sleeping race

                    still, too many nails
                    affix us here,
                    we have become
                    one with our torment;
                    were we to rip away,
                    what would be left,
                    just tattered bloody bits
                    and the sound of our screams?

                    these systems fail us,
                    nothing filters out the fear
                    or blocks the gnawing
                    of anxiety on the soul;
                    no matter how closely
                    we might touch our Eden,
                    the reality of this Hell
                    wins out at the last

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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