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Geez ... that last post was sort of damn stream-of-consciousness, eh? I guess I'm running out of steam here. As I've previously noted, it was a LOT easier when I wrote my stuff into the keyboard ... it takes so damn long to get things typed up and then converted over to "LJ format" for these posts (let alone doing the editing for the poems site). (sigh) More stuff that takes time. Needless to say, I'd rather slap these things up here within a day or so of getting them written rather than waiting for Sunday to decode the scribbles. Oh well. My Poems ... "read 'em and weep" ... lord knows I do ...

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                    ALWAYS FATED TO DESPAIR

                    madness, pain and chaos
                    erupt from hidden states,
                    so unexpected, so sharp;
                    we are shredded,
                    cut to pieces
                    by such incursions,
                    shocked and saddened,
                    unable to maintain

                    insidious attacks
                    sweep from every side,
                    how to prepare
                    against such force?
                    how to parry
                    the thrusts unseen
                    until they are upon us
                    and we are bleeding?

                    every time hope's allowed
                    events adjust
                    to shoot it down,
                    every time we dare believe
                    the world moves in
                    to tear apart
                    the possibility of good
                    the very ground of growth

                    so many shades of darkness
                    now hover on my soul,
                    so many tastes of pain
                    drip from these wounds,
                    none of which can heal,
                    we have been betrayed
                    by everything we've known,
                    left naked and destroyed

                    we search our pasts
                    for glimmers of promise,
                    so much potential
                    but always fated to despair;
                    nothing building
                    except to power loss,
                    nothing caring
                    except to turn to stone

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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