BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

by the way ...

Yesterday was our mid-term exam. I'm not real enthused about the new instructor, as he and I seem to be on different tracks as far as "educational philosophy" goes ... so I was real worried how I'd do. It turns out that I got an A (96/100 ... which is just barely an A ... a 95 gets a B ... an 87 gets a C ... and under 80 is failing!) which is a relief. The exam was a real bitch ... I really had to sweat out about 20% of it ... what is KILLING me is that I would have had a 100/100 score if I had read the shit in front of my face as one question I just mentally flip-flopped y++ and ++y while doing calculations (DUH!) and on the other I didn't notice the "choose all that apply" note to the question, and only gave "the better" of two "right" answers! I've been twisted up a bit about this, on one hand, I'm glad that I did not totally fuck up, getting all the stuff I was nervous about right, but on the other hand being real pissed at myself for making block-headed errors on those two questions. Arrrgh! I'd better ace the final to keep up that 4.0 since the instructor keeps warning me that the Case Study (which I really can't do much on yet until we tackle XML) is a bit of a bear!

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