BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hardly a day off ...

Yeah, OK ... so I didn't have school today ... but neither did The Girls, and The Wife opted to not only go in to work, but do some early-morning over-time there as well ... which meant that I did not get any of the sleep I was hoping for! We went over to my mom's last night for ribs, which was OK, but neither of the The Girls ate much of anything. Daughter #1, after spending most of the past couple of days dragging, did seem to be feeling better today. I took them over to the Original Pancake House around 9am ... our timing was excellent, as when we got there we pretty much got right in, and by the time we left there was the usual line down the block. We dropped by my mom's again (the pancake house is in the block between my house and my mom's) so that #1 could drop off the picture she did on the placemat at breakfast ... I think largely because she figured that she was going to end up having to carry it around otherwise! I dragged them over to the Hancock center so I could get to the bank (errands left over from Wednesday) and then we went to the playground across from the MCA.

After coming home for various naps (intentionally for Daughter #2, less intentionally for myself), I packed them up again, grabbed the boxes I had been trying to ship out on Wednesday, and dragged them down to the Post Office ... followed by Crappy Meals at "the Rock'N'Roll McDonalds". We then headed off for the Power Puff Girls movie. I was taking something of a risk on this, since Daughter #2 is still a bit young to sit through a whole movie ... but she was OK for a good 50 minutes or so of the 1:20 running time ... the last half hour was a bit of a challenge (had her in the stroller and was walking back and forth in the back of the theater), but I did manage to keep us there for the whole time (much to the relief of her elder sister, who would have been pissed to have missed any of the movie!). By the time we got home The Wife was back ... which brings me up to sitting my butt down at the computer and getting caught up on L.J. ... wheeee.

Having gotte the PPG movie off the list opens up some possibilities for tomorrow ... the gal at the Post Office said that the kids would love MIB2 ... which I would very much like to see, so I'm wondering if I could possibly drag Daughter #1 (at 6.5 years) to that with me either before or after her Dojo class. hmmmmm.... maybe I'd have better luck with the Star Wars movie ... but I've been putting off seeing that till I can see "Episode 1" and have some of the "back story".

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