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Got a couple of things scrawled out in between the chaos of the past few days. Today's schedule is not much better ... once the groceries get here I'm taking Daughter #1 to go see ScoobyDo and then to her Dojo lesson, and then I have to get ready for a party this evening for one of my mom's old friends (who I know from back in my PR days). I had really hoped to have gotten some serious work done on my Case Study for class this weekend (I still need to get some stuff done on that, since I have to turn in a site map for it on Monday!), but I have had nearly zero free time. Bleh. Anyway ... here's a poem from earlier this week:

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                    FLOTSAM AND BOXES

                    in pinball caroms
                    from place to place
                    event to event
                    our frustrations
                    grow from no control
                    no clear direction
                    no way to know
                    how we'll be hit

                    we have no plans
                    just movement through
                    a plane of uncertainty
                    we grasp the handles
                    of what we can
                    trying to make do
                    with flotsam for a yacht
                    or boxes for a castle

                    transitional states
                    come unexpected
                    we are never ready
                    no means to prepare
                    for rabbit-hole transferrals
                    from what had been
                    and into zones
                    of maelstrom confusion

                    voices cross dimensions
                    to pass along advice;
                    how can we heed them?
                    so deeply into trenches
                    cut out by rote
                    there seems no hope
                    of altering the swing
                    of these pendulums

                    "if only" rings again,
                    but we have so much lack
                    that nothing posits growth;
                    more likely loss will cripple
                    what we still may have
                    than any good arrive here
                    to open up new ways
                    or free us from this cage

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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