BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hey, look ... a poem ...

Gee ... aren't you just the luckiest L.J. readers in the whole world ... I had some quiet time this morning (The Wife took The Girls off to church), so I got a poem typed up from just yesterday. I'm feeling pretty depressed today. I had all sorts of plans/hopes/intents for this weekend none of which really got off the ground. Bleh. At least I got the poem typed.

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                    GONE BEYOND PRAYER

                    shifts in schedule
                    warp with dreams,
                    is it enough
                    to change the rote
                    to break the spell
                    and open doors
                    for long-sought boons
                    to come to light?
                    lost assignments,
                    shattered intents,
                    these lines don't form
                    as we'd expect;
                    all preparation fails
                    as novelty enters
                    transforming our position
                    in the slipstream of unknowns
                    so many hopes wend
                    their way through day,
                    like a cancer
                    they grow unchecked,
                    only to be excised
                    by reality's steel
                    thrust behind us
                    assassin in the dark
                    we feel the press
                    of inevitable mass,
                    a crushing force
                    which hurtles now;
                    we are the target,
                    this is the zone
                    of sure destruction
                    in obliterating strikes
                    no achievement,
                    no accomplishment,
                    all here is empty,
                    blown into void;
                    we are drained,
                    useless and unwhole,
                    unable to function,
                    gone beyond prayer

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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