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Well the Case Study for Unit 4 is done. I was up all night working on it on Thursday night, and didn't get it "done-done" until about 2:30pm yesterday afternoon (1.5 hours past when it was "officially" due ... but they tend to cut us a bit of slack on that). I was REALLY WORRIED about it yesterday morning as I had spent 3 hours "hung up" on code for each of 2 pages ... and thought it would take a long time to sort that out ... turns out I had missed putting in "()" after one function call on one and had done assignments ("=") instead of identities ("==") on a couple of "if" statements on the other one ... so after SIX HOURS of flogging these things, they were both fixed up and running in the first half hour of class! Actually, I was "done" with the project itself by noon, but I still had to write up the Test Plan paperwork, which is always a pain in the butt and that took me the extra 2.5 hours.

Next up: the Final Exam on XML/XSL on Monday. Then I get a WHOLE DAY OFF. Then ... well ... then I change course (heh ... literally) for three months.

The guy (boss of the head of the school) from New Jersey laid down the law on them having me be "a class of one" and cancelled that program ... what we negotiated was that I would wait for the next class (which just finished up Unit 1) to "catch up with me" and I'd rejoin them for Unit 5 three months from now, in the meanwhile I'll be "auditing" the Network Technican program, a new unit of which starts up on Wednesday. The NetTech program is much shorter than the one I'm in, so I'll be getting a whole other skill set "for free", plus being that it is, uh, "less intellectually challenging" than the Programming/Development class, I'll probably be able to use the "free time" for on-line courses to prep me for stuff like Oracle certification.

Of course, the down side of this is that I'm stuck with another 3 months with no income. We were going to be "on fumes" of that retirement fund we've been draining (hey, think of all the money I "saved" by pulling that cash out before the recent crash!) by October, and may have to do a mortgage deal to make it through till when I can get hired. Very scray. Very unsettling. However, I should be a much "more rounded" commodity by the time I get out at the end of January.

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