BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

School update ...

Well ... I had my Final today in the CSS/JavaScript/XML-XSL class. I really didn't study at all this weekend, opting for sleep instead. Due to the screwed-up schedule, the final was the last thing on the calendar, so we had 2.5 hours of intensive review starting at 8am, followed by the 2.5 hours of test-taking.

I missed 2 questions out of 40 so "officially" didn't get an A on this (as I've mentioned, the grading there is brutal ... on the exams each question missed knocks off 2.5 points and you need a 96 or above for an A) but I got a 96 on the mid-term, so they'd average out (with rounding) up to 96. What really AMAZED me was that I got 100 on the Case Study. I swear, I left here on Friday morning thinking I'd FAILED it ... the instructor gave me every point available, since he noted that the stuff the I "didn't do" from the requirements were more due to the advanced concept on my site, and the "bells and whistles" that I'd included (especially in terms of design) more than made up for not having redundant browser checks, etc. I was FLOORED. I don't think I'd cracked 95 on a Case Study previously, and I was sure I had this so fucked up that it was going to come in under 80 (which is failing in the Chubb grading scale!).

So, at least as I'm going into my little 3-months hiatus in the world of Network Tech I'll have the thought of that 4.0 average in the much more difficult Web Development & Business Programming course to keep me focused. The parting comment by my current instructor (who is not likely to be doing any of my subsequent classes) was "You're going to make one hell of a web developer!" ... so I'm feeling pretty OK with myself at the moment!

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