BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Sometimes I just get Klingon about stuff ...

Had the mid-term exam for the Net Tech program on Friday. Got 100 ... but, as alluded to in the subject line, "there was no HONOR in it!" ... pretty hard to feel OK about acing a test where the hour previous to taking it they WALK YOU THROUGH the whole thing. Still, there were LOTS of folks in the class who failed.

This class is hitting a lot of "buttons" with me. Sure ... these people might not have had the best academic preparation to be able to pass tests ... but REALLY ... the instructor outright said that they give everybody the answers on the first test "so that they don't become discouraged". What the fuck is up with THAT? I was sort of anticipating that the class would drop by half as the obviously incompetent ones failed. Of course, some of them failed anyway, even after being given the answers. What really kills me is that this is the "short bus" program to start with and it's scary to think that some of these folks might somehow get jobs in the I.T. field ... I wouldn't want to have folks "helped along" for their "self esteem" working on any of MY systems.

Nobody ever offered ME a position in professional sports "to help my self esteem" despite my being slow/uncoordinated/undersized .... why do we have to take people who just DON'T HAVE THE TOOLS intellectually to grasp I.T. concepts (and the simplest ones at that ... my daughter's Kindergarten classmates have a better grasp of computer technology than about half of my Net Tech class!)? Does it help ANYBODY to say "well, we know that if we gave you an unassisted test you'd fail it and not be able to continue, so we're going to give you the answers" (and have several fail anyway)? That would be like an NFL team saying to me "Well, Brendan, we know you love the game, so we're going to let you play linebacker even though you're too old, too slow, too small, and have no experience"!

You would think that getting a A would feel less demeaning.

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